Does infrared skin treatment age skin?

There are plenty of aesthetic skin treatments nowadays ranging from lotions, supplements and laser therapy. Even in the field of laser therapy, there are more subdivisions and types of therapy with different techniques and types of equipment used. Due to our hot and humid climate, our skin is easily got damaged from overexposure to sunlight and pollution. These made the skin aging quicker than it should which causes wrinkles, saggy skin, pigmentation, acne, and pre-cancerous lesion.

Popular laser treatments are the ablative types such as CO2 fractional laser treatment and Erb-YAG laser. These treatments offer quick and effective results for a lot of the skin problems mentioned earlier. However, there are other types of laser therapy which is non-ablative therapy. Examples of this therapy are ultrasound, radio-frequency and infrared therapy. The latter has been seen more use in the aesthetic industry as more recent research pointing out its benefits.

What are the advantages of infrared therapy?

Infrared is a type of invisible short-wavelength among the electromagnetic spectrum. It has many applications in engineering and also in the medical field. It was observed that infrared could stimulate the growth of plants and since then research has been conducted to see its effect on the human body particularly the skin.

From many trials conducted, infrared treatment over a long period of time has been shown benefits in rejuvenating skin conditions such as wrinkle, saggy skin and medical conditions such as psoriasis. The mechanism of action is believed to be the same as ablative laser therapy which is the stimulation of collagen and elastin growth. However, due to its short-wavelength, the therapy does not induce as much or significant skin damage in order to stimulate the healing process.

If infrared therapy has a similar effect as other types of laser therapy, why not just using the former instead of other ablative options?

Although infrared therapy shows some promising benefits, it is a slow treatment. As in the trials shown, many of the candidates need to undergo multiple sessions over a period of months to see significant results. Indeed, there are no usual side effects such as redness, crusted pigmented skin or peeling of the skin seen in this therapy but because of its different approach, the results cannot be seen as immediate.  Nonetheless, with advance development in technology, a lot of aesthetic clinics have offered a portable electronic infrared face mask device besides the regular therapy at their clinics. This provides an easy solution for people who have difficulty to go to the clinic regularly.

Another reason for this therapy does not become as popular as other laser treatments because of its limited effectiveness only on certain skin conditions. Infrared therapy has been shown to improve skin tightening and small wrinkles but unable to cure dark pigmentation and deep scars.

Can it cause aging instead?

There is a theory stating that laser therapy while it gives a quick fix in the skin rejuvenation, in the long run, it may age the skin faster as the skin always needs to heal over and over time. However, there are not enough scientific data to prove that theory and this is the same goes to infrared therapy. Instead, due to its slow process in fixing the skin, it is associated with anti-aging benefits. 

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