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Here Are the Tips You Can Use to Hack-Proof Your Smartphone and Protect Your Data

Do you know that over 3.5 million people use smartphones as of today About 80% of Americans have a smartphone and use it for different purposes like communicating, reading the news or for banking. That is where SIM hijacking the problem starts. Most cyber-punks may take advantage of poorly protected phones to steal cash or personal data. You should understand how to hack-proof your smartphone if you have one. Even though smartphone hacks are common, there are several things you can do to ensure that you are not the next culprit. Continue reading to find out more.

Ensure that your smartphone software is updated. You are probably aware the software introduced for operating systems is not the best right from the word go. They could have security holes that cyberpunks can take advantage of. It is for this reason that developers release periodic security updates that get rid of these gaps to ensure that your phone is protected. The only thing that will be left for you to do is downloading and installing the security upgrades. You may either choose SIM hijacking to search for them manually on your phone or let your phone download them automatically.

Avoid using public Wi-Fi connections unless you really have to. Most of the restaurants, bars, and commercial centers boast of having SIM hijacking free Wi-Fi connections to attract individuals. It is a nice idea to maneuver through the internet without having to pay but, you become susceptible to numerous prospective digital attacks because public Wi-Fi connections are not secure. Instead, you need to use internet connection offered by your carrier even if you have to pay for it. Mobile internet networks are secured compared to public Wi-Fi because they do not expose you to SIM hijacking security dangers.

Frequently erase your browsing history. This is an excellent habit as it restricts the amount of data a cyber-terrorist can get from you. Always make sure that you clear your browsing history, cookies and cache regularly so that you remove your footprints from the internet. In case someone access your phone, they will have minimal or no data to acquire from you.

Do not be tempted to save SIM hijacking your credit card data. Saving your credit card information can seem like an excellent idea when you are shopping from your phone as you will not be required to key in your information every time you are making a purchase. However, it may imply that a third-party can obtain your information easily if they gain access to your phone. Whenever you are prompted by an internet vendor to save your credit card information, decline all the time and you will be at peace. Remember, prevention is better than SIM hijacking cure.