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How to Defeat Depression

Depression targets the mind, making it dwell in a dark and chaotic time. You should not be forced to live this way. Here are some coping mechanisms you can instill in your life, to live in a better way.
Depression leaves you feeling extreme sadness, with no interest in things that you normally would enjoy, and a complete lack of motivation. Depression will cast a miserable blanket over our life, making you wish you could take your own life. You will soon start to show some physical symptoms, such as a lack of appetite, lack of energy, and sleep difficulties.
A way to defeat repression is for you to remain connected. You may not feel like it, but you should try and reach out to others who make you feel safe and cared for. Take up fellowshipping, such as at Parkway Fellowship. No one will judge you, but give you that sense of community.
Focus on activities that induce that feel-good effect. By focusing on things that leave you relaxed and energized, depression will slowly go away. You should now do something you used to love, such as your favorite sport, until you enjoy it, even when your body is against it.
Do not allow yourself moments when you are not moving. Depression and the state of immobility are good friends. When you take up exercising, you manage to defeat that depressed state.
You need to also eat healthily. Foods you eat affect your mood, which is why you should not consume alcohol, caffeine, and foods filled with trans fats. Ensure you also eat at regular intervals. Eat a balanced diet, with emphasis on vitamins.
Take time to bask in the sun. Sunlight helps increase serotonin levels, which boost your mood. You need at least half an hour outside each day. Even with a busy schedule, you should manage to carve out some time from your lunch hour for a walk.
You need to then replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Depression encourages feelings of weakness, powerlessness and hopelessness. You need to focus more on positive affirmations, and over time, you will believe those more than the former thoughts.
Have a plan in place for those times depression will overwhelm you. Depression may attack you in ways that you cannot cope. It is best to have several activities lined up that will not ask much of you, such as showering, watching a favorite series, spending time with your pet, and such. Let them be activities that lift your spirits and keep you away from negative thoughts.
Depression is not something you will beat overnight. It may sometimes prove too strong, but the small victories each day draw you close to defeating it. These tips are there to make the process more manageable. You can go to this site to read more about it.