Forecast content traffic performance before you write

  • Remove guesswork and hope from your content creation process
  • Drive 2 to 4x traffic improvement
  • Save countless hours of wasted effort
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Why write content that will never reach your target audience or drive traffic to your site? With InboundWriter know the success of your content before you put pen to paper.

We take a unique, data‑driven approach to understanding your content performance.

Employing statistical methods, our software isolates the factors that matter, and can explain to you why some content will work and some will not.

Not only do we remove the guesswork from your content creation, we make it simple.

Predict Outcomes

We Predict Outcomes

You tell us what you want to write about. We tell you the expected performance.

Topic Suggestions

We Suggest Topics to Write About

Related topics are generated that give you the highest likelihood of success.

Author Guidelines

We Provide Authoring Guidelines

Simple and precise guidance for crafting your content with maximum impact

Trusted by world‑class enterprises, publishers, and digital agencies.

"I have been using InboundWriter like crazy just to get my ideas flowing and it has helped a ton!"
Software Company

"I am loving Inbound Writer, it’s absolutely amazing."
CRM Software Company

"Predictive content analytics generated more page views with 77% less content created."
Jay Baer, Convince&Convert

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